Superman.- by _yoshimiii_.

When I think of hero so many things come to mind. Like Superman, but you don’t have to be able to fly and save the town from evil villains to be a hero. A hero is someone you can trust. Some one you can look up to an be around when your alone. Someone who will protect you and make you feel wanted. A hero is someone who will comfort you from the darkest of all nights. Its someone who will put their lives in danger for you. Someone who won’t forget you, who will take care of you. They’ll never leave you. A hero is someone you can look up too. A hero can be considered someone who helps you or someone who has your back. Anyone can almost be a hero.

Father and Daughter:  Building Memories by ::: Billie / PartsnPieces :::.



Qualifications to vote

I'm voting for Pooh. by gwen.

I think one of the qualifications should be you have to be responsible. If you’re not responsible then I don’t think you’re capable to vote. You should be over a certain age because if you’re too young you’re not going to take it seriously. You should have an idea of what your candidate is going to do or wants to do. You should be able to say why you want to vote for them or why you don’t want to vote for them. If you don’t know why you want to vote for them then I don’t think you’re taking this seriously. If you want to vote for this guy because of his hair then you’re obviously not going to vote at all. You should watch all those debates and everything so when the time comes you know why you want to vote for this guy and why you don’t want the other guy.  You have to study first by watching and listening and when its time to vote you will be ready to make the right decision.






Yellow caterpillar bends over backwards by nutmeg66.Gazing into Sun by _tomanthony.Come sit with me by Amymillerphotos.

Yellow. Its the color of energy and sunshine. Its filled with dreams and excitement. It gives you that funny feeling. Its cheerful. It brightens your day like the sun coming threw the clouds. Maybe a bumble bee ready to sting. A taxi driving by. A tulip about to be born. A butterfly that’s about to spread its wings. I pencil that begins to write. A lemon, so sweet and sour. A yellow submarine about to go under. A sponge getting wet. The phone book being flipped. Mustard about to be squeezed. The summer sun laying upon you. The ducklings chirping around you. A fire hydrent waiting to be used. Yellow is a color. A color of joy and happiness. The color of my house. (:365:57 yellow peeps by katiescrapbooklady.

Yellow Paint by Chrstopher.ducklings by lanier67.Yellow Poison Dart Frog by rachel_r.


Bad Day

Nadia, cry baby cry by Toni Blay.

Today was officially a bad day. Let me start from the beginning. It was 5 min till I had to go out to the bus stop and I wanted to grab my ipod. Then i remembered I bought a new song on itunes so I quickly plugged my ipod in and the computer didn’t recognized it. That made me so mad because I knew my brother did something stupid to the computer.

Then I was on the bus and remembered I had gym today and was going to go outside. So I asked my brother if I could barrow his jacket and he was like NO! so I had to freeze outside during gym.

Then I had to worry about getting my math test back because if I got a bad grade my mom would be so mad, but we didn’t even get it back today. So that mad me so mad.

When I got home from school I found out that our car broke down and the repairs would cost us like $2,500. So my mom was mad which made me mad.

After I found that out I started my homework and then left to go to the bathroom. I came back and my whole essay was deleted because my stupid brother. So I started yelling and crying. My mom was like its your fault and I’m like how in the world is this my fault.

Soon later I wanted to listen to my ipod and forgot how the computer wouldn’t recognize it. So i started yelling at my brother and my daddy told him to fix it. Which he did not and I was ready to throw his ipod and the computer across the room. I was crying and yelling again. My brother was laughing and my dad was yelling at him. You could still see my tear marks all over the pillows.

Then I remembered I had to go to ccd and get interviewed. I was so nervous and over studied which made me so mad. It only took 15 min and on my way home my daddy got a phone call. I knew something bad happened. My stupid brother got hit in the mouth at baseball and I was the one who had to tell mommy. She was all mad and now my brother has to go to the dentist, but everyone is all sympathetic to him. I am the one who had such a bad day and I just found out I have Spanish homework. Not to mention I have a terrible headache from crying and a horrible tummy ache.


Dangerous Question…

Theme 1:  Change by xcode.

I really thought about this and the first thing that came to my mind was; Where is the money? Ohkay that might sound weird, but just think about it. If someone came up to you and said where is the money? wouldn’t you be frightened. This question is dangerous and if you hear I would recommend running.

Sometimes it can be asked like where is the money when you are going out or you can’t fine the money. But usually You would say where is the money for the movies? or Where did I put the money? Those questions are not dangerous. The question reminds me of a robber trying to steal your money. So…Where is the money?


Trail Of Tears

This is kind of like a skit, that my friend and I did for class. We were both Cherokee Indians. I played the mom. We played the to people on the ground with the little boy holding the moms arms.

Son: I remembered watching you fall to the ground. You hit the ground like a stone.
Mother: I was upset. I wanted to kill him, Andrew Jackson. I never wanted to kill someone so badly and for once I actually meant it.
Son: Yes, the devils son he made us move along the Mississippi river to where Oklahoma now lies. We where surrounded by people who lost many, but we soon found out they we would lose our own too.
Mother: Oh yes That horrible trip cost our family. Your father, he was such a brave man he took the fall for others. He fed others, and let himself starve. and then there was your brother…….(couldn’t go on)
Son: He caught that disease that was sneaking around. It was 1838, it was cold and wet. Everyone was deranged. I tried to hold on to my brother and also my best friend, but he couldn’t take it any longer. He died so young only at 10. Maybe I should have been the one to die.
Mother: You should never say that it happened for a reason. I neededyou to be there for me, I couldn’t make it with out you. That day i fell everything came back to haunt me; your brother’s death, your father, the sorrow, and people with empty hearts filled around us.
Son: I held on to with all my life. I couldn’t watch you leave me because if you were gone then I would be one of those people with there hearts filled with emptiness. I had watched many people die, but what would happen if I couldn’t see that anymore, what if i were the one being watched dieing……

My name if it was a verb

Fly me to the Mooooon... by Omar Eduardo.If my name was a verb it would probably be sing. “Lets all Kristen”…”Lets all sing”…

 I’m always singing things whether I just make it up or its a real song. Every time I’m studying for a test I put the facts into a song. I like making up songs with my friends and then singing them in funny voices. I love singing really loud in the car with all my friends. I like singing to my brother to get on his nerves. I am always making sounds into songs. I can almost turn anything into a song. Singing is fun and annoying sometimes.

What inspires me?

All You Need Is Love... by carf.The other day I guess i was giving my mom attitude and she was really mad at me because we were going out and my mom wanted me to be a good girl for my cousins. Well i didn’t feel like going out and I wasn’t in the mood. So I threw a fit, but she still made me go. So we were talking in the car and she nearly brought me to tears. She was telling me how when she was little she could never do anything and she would always have to lie about were she was going and what she was doing. She was telling me how good my life is and how i would never have to lie to her about anything. She told me to live my life while I was still young. She said if she had the opportunity to go back and be young she would take it in a heart beat. She told me her dad was over protective and she wants me to go out and have fun because she doesn’t want my brothers and I to grow up like she did. That’s when I realized that my mom inspires me. My mom is strong and sticks up for her self. My mom always makes me smile even when I’m about to cry. She is always telling me that someone has it worse out there and people would be dieing for my life. Sometimes she can be crazy and so annoying, but I love her so much. She means the world to me. I am always trying to impress her and trying to make her laugh. Her a opinion matters the most to me. I love seeing her laugh it puts a smile on my face. I love to spend time with her and just talking to her is unexplainable. When she talks about the economy or politics its so boring, but I know she enjoys talking about it so I just let her go on and a nod my head every few minutes. I like showing her my good grades because it makes her happy. My mom and I have so many memories together. She as always been there for me and always will be. My mom inspires me as well as many other people, but she stands out the most and always will.A friend in need... by carf.

Three R’s

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I have always been recycling and I annoy my family about it, too. Sometimes they forget and then I have to annoy them about forget and what not. A Lot people in our neighborhood put chemicals on there lawns so the grass will be nice and green, but my daddy doesn’t do that. Its bad for us and the Earth. The three R’s remind of this book I have. Its called 1001 little ways to save the planet by Esme Floyd. It has a bunch of ways to save the planet as you can tell my the title of the book. One way to save the planet is this:

Bicycle + Plants = Going Green by Mohan.M..

Brush up your silver:use a damp cloth to work toothpaste into silver you want clean, then rinse and dry. The mild abrasive in the toothpaste will clean silver without resorting to chemical cleaners.

Its a interesting book. It’s cool just to look threw and find things you never knew before like the one above. My family and I try to save the planet by doing a bunch a little things like in this book. You can do the same by doing the little things to save the planet.

Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions?

I Could Compare You To My Favorite Pair Of Shoes by SheWatchedTheSky.But they both kind of go hand in hand, but if I had to choose one…I think you should define a person by their intentions. Intentions are things that determine actions. Without intentions there would be no actions, I guess?

For example, what if your friend came up to you one day and yells at you. Are still going to still be there friend? I would because maybe that friend is having a bad day or something along those lines. I am not defining my freind by what they did to me I am defining them by there intentions.

Intentions or Actions?

After reading this Story, I thought that it was okay for the newspaper publisher to make the decision of not sending the papers to the school. I think this because the newspaper publisher was just making sure he  didn’t want to get in trouble for sending out somthing to the schools that would be considered inappropriate. He didn’t know if someone wouldn’t like that. I don’t think the publisher did anything bad. I am not defining the publisher by his actions, I am defining him by his intentions.

So the question is:

Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions. Some examples might end up being actions, but for the two particular examples above I have to say intentions.